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    Meet our team

decide is one of the leading companies in the Spanish market in the development of decision support systems. Founded in 2008 by industry experts, decide was set up to be a leading company in designing and building business rules and optimization systems. Our vocation is to improve the operating efficiency of our customers and we bring to the table one of the best and most experienced teams in these technologies in the Spanish market.

With excellence as one of our core values, our structure is divided into Experience Units focused on continuous improvement in each of the assigned disciplines. These units are:

  • Architecture Unit, expert in Java/J2EE architectures, and the cornerstone of any decide project. Given that our projects handle large volumes of information, the Architecture Unit guarantees the performance of our decision support systems and the quality of their integration with our customers’ systems.
  • Decision Management Unit, expert in Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS). It is responsible for developing decision services based on this technology that ensure the use of best practices and provide our customers visibility, auditability and flexibility when defining, modifying and implementing their business policies.
  •  Analytical Intelligence Unit, expert in optimization and operations research techniques. It develops complex decision making algorithms to improve the use of our customers’ resources, reduce their costs and increase their profits.
  • Projects Office, dedicated to managing all our projects. It is composed of people with extensive experience in management, and particularly in agile methodologies. They guarantee that our projects meet expectations in terms of both scope and cost, offering our customers real-time visibility on the progress being made with their projects.


Helping our customers to improve their operating efficiency through the development of software applying advanced computing techniques.


Establishing ourselves as a leading company in the segment of Decision Support Systems, and being the default choice for our customers when incorporating analytical intelligence into their systems.

To achieve all of this we make use of advanced technologies. This has led us to create environments of technological excellence, which strengthen teamwork and encourage a continuous improvement environment, with the aim of achieving maximum performance and guaranteeing the success of our projects.

We have a technological observatory, constantly searching for new options, and we try to interact with our technological environment by organising and attending events and promoting initiatives such as DeskSurfing.


Our values are closely related to what we do: we are transparent and honest with our customers, we promote excellence and a desire to improve, and we encourage responsibility and teamwork.