To carry out our work with the quality and excellence required, we rely on partnerships that complement our skills and allow us to implement projects with guaranteed success. There are two broad types of partnership:

  • Contributors, who perform the tasks necessary for the project but not directly related to analytical techniques.
  • Products, that provide us with the platforms we need to express and deliver our decision models and services.


  • Everis

    Everis is an employee-owned multi-national consulting company offering business and strategy advice, transformation programs, solutions integration, technological applications maintenance and outsourcing services. It works in sectors such as banking (Retail, Corporate, TCM and Wholesale), consumer goods and retail, energy and utilities, media, manufacturing, public administration, telecommunications and tourism.
    Decide works with Everis on many projects in which we complement each other’s skills in order to provide the best service to our customers.

  • IBM

    IBM is a company that needs no introduction. It has been operating in the market for more than 100 years and generates the most patents every year internationally. Its portfolio of products and services more than covers the spectrum of its customers’ needs. In recent years IBM has become involved in the idea of a Smarter Planet, increasing its assets by purchasing businesses operating in the world of Analytics. In 2009 it acquired one such business, called ILOG. This is the business which gave rise to DECIDE and the purchase led to the start of a very profitable relationship between both companies.

    At Decide we are experts in using IBM’s tools in the field of Prescriptive Analytics, becoming IBM’s colleagues and partners in numerous initiatives. Decide is an IBM Business Partner.


  • Paquetes estadísticos

    • SPSS

      Purchased by IBM, SPSS is one of the best known statistical packages on the market. With a long history, and very well known in the university sector, SPSS forms part of IBM’s analytics suite, combining and integrating easily with the rest of the company’s products, in both descriptive and prescriptive analytics.

    • SAS

      SAS Institute has been the leading company in the field of Analytical Intelligence since 1976.  With an enormous investment in R&D, it has one of the best statistical packages on the market, as well as optimization tools and many other vertical products. A leading company in the world of predictive and prescriptive analytics, it has a reputation that marks it out as one of the current and future leaders in this field.

    • R

      R is the Open Source for statistical packages. As a development of the statistical language S, created by Bell Labs, it offers a large variety of statistical and graphical techniques, making it a commonly used language in universities and businesses. Written in C, it has APIs in almost all the most frequently used languages (C++. Java, .Net, Python), as well as several integrated development environments (IDEs), which make it easier to use.

  • Sistemas de Gestión de Reglas de Negocio

    • IBM Operational Decision Manager

      One of ILOG’s star products, prior to being taken over by IBM, was called ILOG JRules. After the purchase, IBM incorporated this product into its portfolio, enhancing it with capabilities such as Complex Event Processing, and evolving the concept to create what has been named the IBM Operational Decision Manager.


    • Progress

      Just as IBM acquired ILOG, PROGRESS Software, a consolidated product company with more than 140,000 customers in 175 cities, purchased Corticon, one of the leading companies in the field of Business Rule Management Systems. Today, highly regarded research and analysis companies such as Forrester, Gartner and IDC regard the Corticon product as one of the main market leaders. PROGRESS Software also has a Complex Event Processing application, called APAMA, which is the leading product in the market according to the research and analysis firm Gartner.

    • Drools

      Drools is the Open Source rules engine and market leader. Its Guvnor solution, for business rule management, and Drools Fusion solution, for dealing with problems of the Complex Event Processing type, make it a technology worth considering for tight budgets. Its latest versions are very stable and have reached a level of maturity worthy of the major software manufacturers.

  • Motores de Programación Lineal y Lineal Entera

    • IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization studio

      IBM has been constantly investing in optimization from the very start, from the old IBM OSL, which led to the current open code product COIN-OR, to the acquisition of the product IBM ILOG CPLEX OPTIMIZATION STUDIO, its current standard bearer as far as optimization is concerned.

      CPLEX has historically been the best Linear and Integer Linear Programming Engine on the market, followed very closely in recent years by Gurobi Optimization. It also includes the product IBM ILOG CP Optimizer, a product for Constraint Programming techniques.

    • Gurobi Optimization

      Gurobi, founded by the creator of CPLEX (Bob Bixby), is a relatively new product on the market.  Launched in 2009, it quickly became regarded as among the best, and today it is one of the best products on the market for Linear and Integer Linear Programming.


      FICO Xpress, a product manufactured by Dash Optimization, a business acquired in 2008 by Fair Issac Company (FICO), was always CPLEX’s main competition. Based in the United Kingdom, it focused mainly on the national market, although after being purchased by FICO its field of action became much more international.

      It is currently one of the most powerful Linear and Integer Linear Programming engines on the market.

    • SAS/OR

      SAS took the decision a long time ago to enter into the world of optimization with its SAS/OR product. This product, although we have classified it in the area of Linear and Integer Linear Programming, covers a much wider scope, also resolving Scheduling problems and providing functionalities in the field of Meta-heuristics.

      This, together with its known capabilities as a statistical package, makes it a key player in the market for predictive and prescriptive analytics.

    • COIN|OR

      COIN|OR is our product of choice when a project requires the use of Open Source. As a result of the release of the IBM OSL sources, and the work of a great team that has introduced upgrades and updates to this product over time, COIN|OR has become a robust and efficient product. Still a distance away from its competitors who charge, this product offers a performance and reliability that makes it suitable for many of the most common Linear and Integer Linear Programming problems.

  • Constraint Programming

    • IBM ILOG CP Optimizer

      ILOG was initially involved in the area of Constraint Programming. Firstly in Lisp, and later in C++, its Constraint Programming product has been the market leader for the past 20 years.  Following its purchase by IBM, this product was integrated into the IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio, forming a complete product, with a robustness and effectiveness that is very well-proven. Today, it is still leader in the field of Constraint Programming and the product is continuously updated.

    • CHOCO

      Developed by the Ecole des mines de Nantes, CHOCO is an Open Source product that implements the Constraint Programming paradigm in Java. Highly involved in the development of the JSR-331 standard, accepted as the standard for Constraint Programming in Java, it has been continuously upgrading its product over recent years. Nowadays, it is a good option to consider when addressing problems of this nature.

  • Frameworks de Búsqueda Local y Metaheurísticas

    • LocalSolver

      The result of a 5 year R&D project involving distinguished experts in Optimization, LocalSolver is the first math programming software combining simplicity of use and the power of local-search techniques for combinatorial optimization. It includes a modelling language for prototyping and APIs in the most frequently used languages (C++, Java and .NET) for the integration of its engines into our projects.

    • Opta planner

      Developed by JBoss, and previously known as JBoss Drools Planner, OptaPlanner is a library for developing metaheuristics algorithms in Java.  With excellent software design, it helps to create metaheuristics in order to resolve any of our customers’ problems, whilst also providing high performance. It is our default choice for solving problems with local search.

    • Paradiseo

      Developed by the Lille de Inria centre, Paradiseo is a library written in C++ for developing metaheuristic techniques. Well designed, and with the high performance provided by C++, it is a good choice when performance is what matters. Behind this software is Professor El-Ghazali Talbi, author of the famous book “Metaheuristics: From design to implementation”, a worldwide reference in this field.


  • Operations Research: The science of Better

    This website contains extensive information about the benefits of using Operations Research in business. The information is available by industry, function and type of benefit generated for the business. This website is supported by Informs, the Institute for Operations Research and the Management of Sciences, the largest professional association in the field of Operations Research.