The automotive sector has been one of the hardest hit by the current global recession. Car sales, both to individuals and to industry and business, have fallen significantly for the large companies in this sector, along with profits and margins.


There are many challenges facing the energy sector. Alternative energies must be found to meet growing global demand, regulated markets undergo continuous changes and liberalisation processes, fossil fuel prices increase and new measures against climate change are adopted.


Companies in this sector have both a need and an opportunity to make the necessary changes in their decision-making processes to make the most of the current circumstances and gain an advantage over the competition.


We run projects offering consultancy services and the implementation and maintenance of technologies based on business rule platforms. These are applied to the main insurance processes, such as pricing, procurement rules, claims management, and risk assessment, among others


The ability to more reliably predict sales, reduce distribution costs, and reduce the fixed assets in stock in warehouses and stores are some of the of the key points that can help companies in this sector to face this challenge.


The socio-economic situation is refocusing the strategic objectives of Service companies on greater adjustment to the market environment (smaller price margins) and being more efficient operationally (lower operating costs), whilst still maintaining their quality of service…


The situation in the transport sector, for both people and goods, is increasingly complex. The country’s socio-economic situation has led to a significant increase in competition, forcing companies to make drastic price cuts.